D7 Visa or D2 Visa: which is the most suitable for digital nomads?

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D7 Visa or D2 Visa:

Which is the most suitable for digital nomads?



“Much has been said about visas for remote workers or digital nomads, visas for freelancers and visas for entrepreneurs. Considering that this is a field where subjectivity in concepts and rules prevails, we leave below a brief analysis of two types of visas potentially applicable to the situations described.


We begin by pointing out that there are residence visas for specific purposes provided for by law. However, a foreigner may, in principle, apply for a residence visa and a residence permit to develop any legal activity or even based on the possibility of living in the country with its own resources.


We have verified that all these situations have deserved different understandings depending on the Consulate where the application is submitted, as well as having been subject to different assessment from SEF at the time of conversion of the visa into a residence permit in Portugal. We warn of the need for prior analysis of each situation and consultation of the competent entities.”


Read the full insight here:D7 and D2 Digital nomads Visa. By Raquel de Matos Esteves.