Overview of Portugal’s Golden Visa Program: Key Changes in 2024

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Overview of Portugal’s Golden Visa: Key Changes in 2024

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program has been a cornerstone for investors seeking residency in Portugal. However, recent reforms have introduced significant changes to the investment routes available within the program.

What Has Changed in Portugal’s Golden Visa?

Historically, real estate investment was a primary avenue for obtaining Portugal’s Golden Visa. This option has now been discontinued, prompting investors to pivot to alternative investment strategies, including:

  • Capital Fund Investments: Investing in local economic projects under Portugal’s Golden Visa.
  • Job Creation: Establishing new businesses that contribute to job creation within Portugal.
  • Cultural Donations: Supporting arts and research, crucial sectors under Portugal’s Golden Visa.

Insights from Raquel Esteves on the Changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa

During the latest episode of the Investment Immigration Podcast by Uglobal, Raquel Esteves delves into the political motivations behind the changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa Program. Alongside host Salman Siddiqui, Esteves discusses how these reforms aim to diversify and strengthen the Portuguese economy.

Continued Appeal of the Program

Despite the reforms, Portugal’s Golden Visa Program remains a highly attractive option for global investors. The stability, economic growth, and quality of life Portugal offers continue to draw interest from around the world, as highlighted in the podcast.


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